Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is A Non-Denominational Christian Church?

In Christianity, the term non-denominational refers to those institutions and churches that have not formally aligned themselves with an established denomination, or remain otherwise officially autonomous.


Living Springs is a member of the Assemblies of God International Fellowship, an association of independent full-gospel ministers and churches who have come together under a common banner to fulfill the Great Commission.


What Can I Expect On Sunday Morning?

At Living Springs, you matter to God, and you matter to us. The Service is split into three sections - Sunday School, Worship and Sermon. There is a 5-10 minute period of fellowship between Sunday School and Worship. In addition, we have a fellowship breakfast during Sunday School time the last Sunday of each month and have a fellowship lunch after service the second Sunday of each month. We are active in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and are always available after service for prayer.

Do You Have Communion?

Yes. We celebrate communion once a month to keep fresh in our mind the fact that Jesus sacrificed His blood and body by dying for us on the cross for our sins. Communion is open to anyone who has confessed Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

What Should I Wear?

We do not have a dress code. Wear what makes you comfortable for worship. If that is a suit, wear a suit; if it is jeans and a casual shirt, wear that. We are more concerned with the content of the service than with the style of clothing people wear, but just ask that it is tasteful.


Do You Pass An Offering Plate?
Yes. The offering plate is passed between worship and the sermon. We believe in the Biblical standard for tithing, but do not pressure you into giving. Your gift to God should come from your heart, not from some external pressure. If there is a guest speaker, we often hold a second offering to benefit that speaker's ministry.

What Is Your Congregation Like?
We are a small group (50-60) of individuals, couples and families, both young and old, formal and informal, from a variety of professions and walks of life. There is a family-like atmosphere and we welcome both visitors and those looking to find a church fellowship to join.

What About Children During The Service?

Children of all ages are welcome in our congregation and in our worship in the ways that are most enriching for them. We have a variety of musical instruments (tambourines, shakers, etc) and flags for both children and adults to use in worship. We have a children’s room at the back of the sanctuary that is a good place for anyone to "wiggle." There is a speaker for you to hear the service and to move around with the little ones, whether they are fussy or not. We provide childrens ministry and nursery services during the sermon.

Can I Hear A Recording Of Sunday's Service?

Yes. Selecting "Audio Recordings" from the main menu brings you to the page where you can listen to past sermons, selections of praise and worship, and Sunday School teachings.



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